what are some of the things NIMBUS STACK can do?

All Applications

Nimbus Stack supports all applications... monoliths, hybrids, containers, or cloud native


Whether private, public or hybrid, Nimbus Stack supports them all


Multi-tenant and multi-tier support, so you can onboard your customers seamlessly


Deploy your applications to any and all platforms. Contact us and let us show you.

Automated Workflow Catalog

Nimbus Stack has an extensive catalog of workflows you can trigger right away


Let Nimbus Stack handle your orchestration, so you can focus on more mission critical tasks

Auto Scaling

Nimbus Stack can automatically adjust as your needs change


Role based access means your connections and environments are secure

Empower your team to accomplish more, faster

Nimbus Stack empowers your teams with end to end orchestration and visibility of all your deployments. No matter how simple or complex your requirements are, with our solution it's an easy and simple process to setup and get your teams DevOps ready. Whether you are an enterprise, SMB, or a startup, Nimbus Stack can help remove constraints and simplifies all of your workflows. And if you're an MSP, Nimbus Stack supports multi-tenant and multi-tier capabilities, so we've got you covered.

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Nimbus Stack can fit within your existing workflow.

Explore these use cases to see how Nimbus Stack can serve your team.
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This short clip shows how Nimbus Stack works and how it can help your organization develop a more efficient and cost effective method towards automating many of your CI/CD processes. So if you're looking to reduce or eliminate the frustration of manual orchestration and deployment, contact us and let's talk about your specific needs and we'll show you how Nimbus Stack can help your team achieve your goals.

Take a quick tour of Nimbus Stack.

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Full Visibility of all your Deployments

With the ability to view vital details of all your deployed  environments and applications, you will be better informed on the health of your systems, including the duration of all your workflows, and whether they completed successfully or not. With Nimbus Stack you can rest assured that you will know everything that is going on with all your automated workflows, environments, and applications.

Automated Orchestration


A development lead collaborates with his agile team to create development and testing tasks from user stories derived from a list of high priority features based on business requirements. They need to get started immediately in order to make their planned release date.
But after having several discussions with the operations and development managers, it was determined that problems that arose from manually orchestrating complex environments along with changes, the deployment of necessary application and testing servers were going to be delayed by several days.

And with no provisions for automated gates in place, the ability to track and monitor these environments meant that even after deploying the servers, the project could be further impacted if any problems arise later on.
This simple scenario illustrates how the absence of an automated workflow for orchestration, deployment and monitoring could have a substantial impact on the quality of the product, and the team. Other areas can be affected as well, such as:

        Increased delays in the release cycle
        Increased human error
        Reduced deployment speed and reliability
        Increased application down times, and reduced SLAs


Implementing Nimbus Stack into the development pipeline, the same scenario could have a different outlook. By utilizing Nimbus Stack' ability to automate workflows will help significantly reduce overall manual effort and human error.
Operations personnel and development managers can easily orchestrate and deploy complex application environments and ensure projects stay on track.
For more information, or if you would like a walk through, contact us and we would be glad to show you.

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Multi-cloud & multi-tier management


An anxious IT operations manager has to attend another urgent meeting regarding setting up multiple systems for several teams that are ramping up to start on a very important project.
Though this is not unusual, this time it’s different because some of the product teams are dependent on legacy systems and workflows. But this time Operations is planning on improving their services by introducing new processes into the development lifecycle that should improve workflows.

Operations initially started out by instituting some CI/CD processes using containers with Docker and Jenkins, to name a few. But poor integration and scaling between some frameworks and technologies has introduced some frustrating issues with development teams since a lot of the necessary hand-offs were still being done manually, which is laborious, time consuming and lacks visibility.  
While the new process might have addressed some inefficiencies in the workflow, it ultimately didn't improve the release cycle as much as they had hoped for.
Other issues the teams encountered included:
    Difficulty tracking configuration changes
    Production defects
    Delayed releases


Incorporating Nimbus Stack into the development lifecycle process will allow your team to setup multi-cloud / multi-tier environments to improve integration, visibility and monitoring across entire organizations.
This also streamlines workflows by utilizing one platform instead of multiple tools that can introduce orchestration and configuration errors.

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Automated Workflow deployment


Imagine a development and QA team preparing to start a new project. They'll need to engage with operations in order to set up environments and test servers.
Each team have their own unique requirements, and though engagement with operations mean they don't need to do this themselves, they must account for the time necessary to ensure systems are secure and working as intended.
But designing, configuring, and testing these frameworks is a time consuming process.

Then there are change requests which can compound delays, since the operations team does most of the orchestration manually. They find that revising and updating requests to meet requirements tend to be error prone. This can have a profound impact on teams, projects, and even your business.
There is a better way though.


With Nimbus Stack, automated orchestration and deployments is a simple and straightforward process. It can drastically improve your team's efficiency and time to market.
Team members can easily deploy environments from the vast library of ready-to-use stacks or deploy their own stacks from within the Nimbus Stack platform to meet their specific needs. If you have more questions about this and would like to discuss your specific requirements, let's talk.

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